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Suggested Universities and Schools


Taiwan has a great number of colleges and universities, both public and private, relative to its population. Several offer content courses (social and behavioral sciences, etc.) in English and many have affiliated Chinese language study programs. As in the USA, international students are highly attractive to universities in Taiwan, so schools that offer relevant courses have offices to recruit and support them. You should contact these offices to arrange for study in Taiwan. In addition to university-affiliated language programs, several private companies offer language classes, although in most cases you will have a more interesting experience if you attend a university.

Some universities known to offer attractive content or language courses are introduced on this page.

National Chengchi University

Gúolì Zhèngzhì Dàxúe 國立政治大學 nccu.tw.edu

Study abroad opportunities are provided through the Office of International Cooperation. This office organizes the International Summer School which offers 4- and 8-week programs in language and academic topics. NCCU is located on edge of Taipei City and is noted for its beautiful, hilly campus. It has one of the best psychology programs in Taiwan.
(Photo: Psychology Department building; click for larger image) See also:


National Taiwan Normal University

Gúolì Táiwan Shifàn Dàxúe 國立臺灣師範大學 ntnu.edu.tw

NTNU is in central Taipei City surrounded by a well-known neighborhood of student-priced restaurants. The Chinese language programs at its Mandarin Training Center (mtc.ntnu.edu.tw/eng) are the best-known in Taiwan. Normal universities were created initially as teaching colleges, so NTTU has a prominant educational psychology department.

Tamkang University

Dàn Jiang Dàxúe 淡江大學 tku.edu.tw

TKU is the oldest private university in Taiwan, located in the north about 20 km from Taipei City at the point where the Tamsui River flows into the East China Sea. The location of the university provides a tranquil atmosphere but Tamkang City is directly connected to Taipei City by an MRT (subway) line.

National Taiwan University

Gúolì Táiwan Dàxúe 國立臺灣大學 ntu.edu.tw

NTU is Taiwan's olderst and most prestigious university and is ranked#1 in the national university entrance exam in many subjects, including psychology. The university is located in central Taipei City about 2km from NTNU. (Photo: Department of History building and famous campus bell; click for larger image)




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